Left to Right : Dawn Forrest, Jim Tully, Courtney McHughes,
Sean Carpenter, Angie Jones, Vernon Collett, Cathy Helms


Jim Tully

Jim and his family have lived in the New Hope Community for twenty years.  Jim and his wife, Jennifer, have two daughters and five grandchildren.  Jim is very people oriented.
Jim believes his focus on people will be an asset to his tenure as Chairman, bringing courage and perspective to the organization.  Jim is a negotiator and he is not afraid to tackle the tough problems that are facing our county. He has experience working within PCGOP, with veteran’s groups and our community’s youth.
Jim’s goals for this term are to encourage the Republicans in Paulding County to regain their confidence in the party and themselves and to provide a team that is open, honest and approachable.  Ask us anything!

Chairman's Job Description: The County Chairman is the Chief Executive Officer of the County Party, The County Committee, and the Executive Committee; presides over all meetings, has general supervision and leadership of the affairs of the County Party, the County Committee, and the Executive Committee, convene the County Convention and the only official spokesperson for the County Party, the County Committee, and the Executive Committee. Additionally, has approval of all communications under the banner of the Paulding County Republican Party. The County Chairman provides the County Party with a place to meet and with the necessary information; and oversees the administration of the officers of the County Party. The County Chairman also represents the county committee at the District Committee.

First Vice Chair

Vernon Collett

Vernon has resided in Hiram for twenty-one years with his wife, Debbie.  The Colletts’ are the proud parents of three children who are employed in construction and education and they have one lucky dog.
Vernon has experience in the Paulding Republican Party serving in various capacities since 2008.  He has served multiple terms in leadership and he is the owner of a business in Paulding County.
His objectives for this term are to increase membership and involvement in the party and to reach the younger members of our community.

1st Vice Chairman's Job Description: The First Vice Chairman exercises all the powers and prerogatives of the County Chairman in his or her absence or in the event of his or her disability in addition to other functions that may be assigned to him or her by the County Chairman. Specific duties include acting as Events Chairman for events which are considered Countywide events, as well as establishing the programs for County meetings and party activities. Duties include responsibility for arrangements, setup,scheduling and overseeing the volunteers for those events, as well as maintaining a master calendar of all county activities and events.

Second Vice Chair

Sean Carpenter

Sean grew up in Conyers, GA and attended Shorter University.  Last year he moved to Dallas and he says it was a good move. Sean’s experience in the Republican Party includes the National Committee of Young Republicans where he worked to bring younger citizens into participation and knowledge of the party.  In this role he worked hands-on to engage people. Sean plans for this term include creating a more organized, harder working precinct and engaging others in local party and national participation. He wants to encourage and facilitate neighbors talking to neighbors.

2nd Vice Chairman's Job Description: Shall perform functions deemed necessary by the County Chairman. However,specific duties include coordination activities of the various Precinct Chairs; scheduling, administrating and overseeing quarterly meetings of all Precinct Chairs and aiding and assisting the supervision of all precinct meetings.


Cathy Helms

Cathy is a lifelong conservative who became active in the Paulding County Republican Party in 2014.  She wanted to ensure Paulding County and Georgia continued to elect strong, conservative representative, both local and state.  In 2018 Cathy received the Republican of the Year award from the Paulding County GOP.  She believes local politics is critical to electing Republicans in Georgia and Washington. She is a small business owner with over 35 years of accounting experience and the office of Treasurer seemed a good fit to utilize her experience and skills.  Cathy was first elected Treasurer in 2018, implementing a budget process that tracks expenses and income.  “I am excited to continue to serve the Paulding County Republican Party as Treasurer.  Financial management is imperative to support the party and candidate during these important elections.”

Asst. Treasurer

Angie Jones

Angie and her family moved to Paulding County in 1995 and she is celebrating 33 years of marriage.  Her lovely family includes two children and an eight year old granddaughter that can’t wait to cast her first Republican votes in just nine years.
Angie has many years of experience in the PC GOP, serving as 2nd Vice Chair and several terms as Assistant Treasurer.  She is very involved in PTA, serving as a charter officer and Treasurer. Angie’s goal for her participation in this term of the PC GOP is to improve communications and make everyone feel welcome.  She wants to help people find their purpose in the party.

Treasurer's Job Description: The Treasurer shall have some bookkeeping experience, collect all moneys due the County Committee, shall deposit such funds in a bank or banks selected by the Executive Committee and shall keep a correct account of all receipts and disbursements in accord with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, which account shall be open for inspection by any member of the County Committee. The Treasurer shall also perform such other duties and functions as may be assigned by the County Chairman. It is recommended that the Treasurer be bonded in a minimum amount of not less than five thousand dollars ($5,000.), sufficient and acceptable to the County Committee. The Treasurer is responsible for updating the Annual Budget with accruals under each line item and accrual of unspent expenses to the appropriate month; input of actual revenues collected from membership dues, donations, qualifying fees, and miscellaneous income received. This activity will be referred to as "forecast" for the purposes of presenting updated expenses to income levels at all County Committee and Executive Committee meetings as well as the Party Monthly meetings to our membership base.

Asst. Treasurer's Job Description: The Assistant Treasurer shall exercise all the powers and prerogatives of the Treasurer in his/her absence or in the event of his disability. The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer as needed. The Assistant Treasurer shall also maintain a record of all properties and assets of the County Committee. The Assistant Treasurer shall also perform such other duties and functions as may be assigned by the County Chairman.

Recording Secretary

Courtney McHughes

Courtney is 26 years old and a teacher in an elementary school in Paulding County. Courtney first got into politics when President Trump ran for office in 2016. She went from being a girl who didn't know a lot at first, to being passionate about Trump and jumping in head first. Courtney has always been a Republican and she knew she just had to get involved. From co-chairing the Paulding President's Team in January of 2020 to being a field organizer for Trump Victory and the Loeffler/Purdue campaign, Courtney is very excited for her new journey as the recording secretary for the Paulding County Republican Party! Courtney brings a ton of enthusiasm and is a team player. She is a hard worker and truly wants the Paulding County Republican Party to be the very best it can be!

Corresponding Secretary

Dawn Forrest

Dawn has resided in Paulding County for twenty-one years and identifies as a Christian conservative.  Dawn and Mike, her husband,  have three boys and are the proud grandparents of five smart, wonderful girls.  They also have three furry children otherwise known as rescued dogs (Dawn is a dog lover).  Dawn’s background includes 20 years in business as an instructional designer and most recently a retired high school business/economics teacher. Dawn believes she can be of service to this organization using her experience with webpage development and digital/online communication to present information about our organization and our party.  We want to be the resource for people looking for information about the Paulding County Republican Party and a pathway to information about the Republican Party in general.

Recording Secretary's Job Description: Specific duties of the Recording Secretary shall include keeping complete minutes of all meetings of the County Committee and of the Executive Committee, shall be the custodian of the membership list, and shall be the custodian of all records which are the property of the County Party. The Recording Secretary is responsible for collaboration with the County Treasurer to acquire frequent updates on newly paid and renewed membership dues to ensure that the membership list is updated and presented current on a monthly basis to our County Chairman for presentation at our Monthly Meetings and the scheduling and presentation of membership level acknowledgements.

Corresponding Secretary's Job Description: Specific duties of the Corresponding Secretary shall include preparing and sending written notices to members of Committees as requested by the County Chairman in accordance with the rules herein.  They shall also post notices for County Party Monthly Meetings for both print and electronic media. The Corresponding Secretary is responsible to be the primary administrator of all electronic media resources for the Paulding County Republican Party for the areas of our Email Distribution list, Party website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or any sources that the County Committee and the Executive Committee determine through a majority vote is valuable in supporting the messaging and goals of the Party; the Corresponding Secretary is not the sole contributor of information to these sources and it is recommended that this should be a shared responsibility by all Executive Committee members.