The Paulding Republicans are eager to be able to communicate with all the Patriots in Paulding County.

We are currently emailing information as soon as we are aware of it.  Unfortunately, we are not aware of some events till the last minute before the event.

PLEASE email us with any events that you are aware of or may be hosting and you would appreciate the information being sent out to our Paulding Patriots.  We will do our best at trying to get the event out to the community - please understand some events are not appropriate and we will use our discretion before it is sent.

If you are new to the area or have just decided to check us out, you can signup for our email newsletter here.

Please make sure you check your email spam or junk folder, since it is a mass email.  If needed, add Paulding Republicans to your approved list.

If you want to view past emails, you can view our archive page here.