Chairman: Leanne Defoor


Leanne [at] pauldingrepublicans [dot] org
Chairman’s Job Description: The County Chairman is the Chief Executive Officer of the County Party, The County Committee, and the Executive Committee; presides over all meetings, has general supervision and leadership of the affairs of the County Party, the County Committee, and the Executive Committee, convene the County Convention and the only official spokesperson for the County Party, the County Committee, and the Executive Committee. Additionally, has approval of all communications under the banner of the Paulding County Republican Party. The County Chairman provides the County Party with a place to meet and with the necessary information; and oversees the administration of the officers of the County Party. The County Chairman also represents the county committee at the District Committee.

1st Vice Chairman:  Rocky Swann


Rocky [at] pauldingrepublicans [dot] org
1st Vice Chairman’s Job Description: The First Vice Chairman exercises all the powers and prerogatives of the County Chairman in his or her absence or in the event of his or her disability in addition to other functions that may be assigned to him or her by the County Chairman. Specific duties include acting as Events Chairman for events which are considered Countywide events, as well as establishing the programs for County meetings and party activities. Duties include responsibility for arrangements, setup,scheduling and overseeing the volunteers for those events, as well as maintaining a master calendar of all county activities and events.

2nd Vice Chairman: Derrick Carlson


 My wife Lindsey and I have lived in Hiram in Paulding County since February 1999. I grew up everywhere and continue to grow up.  My Dad was a career Air Force Officer and due to his transfers I have had the pleasure of experiencing living in many states. I was also fortunate to spend a few years on Okinawa when I was in elementary school.

I ended up in Lilburn, GA, where my parents still live, and graduated from Parkview High in 1979. I joined the Navy shortly afterwards and spent eight years as a Disbursing Clerk and seven years as a Fire Control Technician. During this time I served on three ships and various shore commands and was meritoriously advanced to E-6 in addition to receiving the Navy Achievement Medal. I’ve had some wonderful experiences in the many countries I visited during this time.

I moved back to GA after I left the Navy and went to work for a large payroll and human resources outsourcing company where I met and married my wife. I served in three different roles while I was there: customer service, technical service and most recently implementation.

I’ve been a Republican voter all of my adult life. Today there are many forms of Republicans but if I had to put myself into a box I would have to call myself a “Reagan Republican.”

I became actively involved with the Republican Party in 2010. I came to realize that being a citizen in this nation needs to be more than casting a vote every two  to four years.  It requires an active participation by everyone. I am severely disappointed with the path this country has been on for the past five years and while I have a voice I feel it is my obligation to speak to others and to contribute.  We are a great nation but we’ve strayed somewhat from the path to continuing greatness.

I am very grateful to serve as Second Vice Chairman and I don’t take the responsibility lightly. I am always ready to work with our Executive Committee members, Precinct Chairs, and all Paulding County Republicans. With common sense, encouragement and reaching out to others we can grow this party.

Derrick [at] pauldingrepublicans [dot] org
2nd Vice Chairman’s Job Description: Shall perform functions deemed necessary by the County Chairman. However,specific duties include coordination activities of the various Precinct Chairs; scheduling, administrating and overseeing quarterly meetings of all Precinct Chairs and aiding and assisting the supervision of all precinct meetings.

Treasurer: Marcia Evans


Marcia [at] pauldingrepublicans [dot] org
Treasurer’s Job Description: The Treasure shall have some bookkeeping experience, collects all county dues and makes the appropriate funds deposits into the bank or banks selected by the Executive Committee and shall keep a correct account of all receipts and disbursements in accord with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, which accounts shall be open for inspection by any member of the County Committee.  The Treasurer shall also perform such other duties and functions as may be assigned by the County Chairman. It is recommended that the Treasurer be bonded.

Asst Treasurer: Chris Collins

     Christopher Collins is a Cold War Veteran (6915th ESS), USAF. He is a member of the American Legion, U. S. Air Force Association, and American Diabetes Association. Additionally, he is a supporter of the NRA, GCO, and the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO). He is co-author of the book, “Between Light and Dark.” He obtained his BA (Magna Cum Laude) from Baker College Flint, MI. Currently, Chris writes for the Paulding County Republican Examiner on local, state, and national GOP politics. He can be be reached at chris [at] pauldingrepublicans [dot] org.

Chris [at] pauldingrepublicans [dot] org
Assistant Treasurer’s Job Description: The assistant treasure provides the duties of the treasure in his or her absence or in the event of his or her disability. The assistant treasure will also assist the treasurer as needed. He or she shall also perform other duties and functions deemed necessary or assigned by the County Chairman.

Corresponding Secretary: Sheri Sperin

    Sheri Sperin is a retire Marine with 29-years of service. She is currently the President of the Women Marines Dogwood Chapter Association serving the State of Georgia. She recently received her Master’s degree in Forensic Science from Saint Leo University. Her honors include Saint Leo Public Safety Honor Society and National Alpha Phi Sigma – National Criminal Justice Honor Society.

Sheri [at] pauldingrepublicans [dot] org
Corresponding Secretary’s Job Description: The Corresponding Secretary prepares and sends written notices to members of Committees as requested by the County Chairman in accordance with the rules within the by-laws. He or she shall also post notices for County Party Monthly Meetings for both print and electronic media. Shall perform other functions deemed necessary by the County Chairman.

Recording Secretary:



Recording Secretary’s Job Description: The Recording Secretary keeps complete minutes of all meetings of the County Committee and of the Executive Committee, shall be the custodian of the membership list, and shall be the custodian of all records which are the property of the County Party. Shall perform other functions deemed necessary by the County Chairman.

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