2016 Christmas Celebration – Saturday December 3rd

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   DECEMBER 3rd, 2016 @ 6:00 PM


As the season of traditions is upon us, we’re no different in that our tradition for the month of December is to forgo the normal monthly meeting to pause and come together to share a meal, share stories, share fellowship of the season and yes we’ll engage in a fun gift exchange. This year with a tweak partake in the Christmas Gift Fact Exchange which is where everyone that participates will bring a gift valued from $10-$20. The tweak will be in what we guess to win a gift that has been shared. This should be another FUN format.

Our meal will be served at approximately 7:00 PM; everyone is invited to begin arriving starting at 6:00 PM which is the Welcome Reception hour. The party will be providing the baked ham, desserts, coffee, sweet-tea, plates, cutlery and napkins. We ask that each party attending bring a compliment to the main course of their favorite Holiday covered dish, bread or rolls, appetizer, or accompaniment. While we anticipate a good turnout for the event please prepare what you normally would as we should see multiple dishes which provides everyone a hearty meal.

Christmas Party location:

Burnt Hickory Park – Wayne Kirby Community Center 8650 Cartersville Highway, Dallas, GA 30132

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/TgEeHJk4pxp


November Monthly Meeting – Mount Tabor Park

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NOVEMBER 19th, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Please join us Saturday November 19, 2016 as we welcome Paulding County Sherriff, Gary Gulledge and Paulding County Fire Chief, Joey Pelfrey as our guest speakers. As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, Black Friday and Christmas Season they’ve agreed to come and speak to our members on the best practices for keeping our families safe. This will be a great opportunity to hear about what steps we all should take for our safety in our homes, shopping and if traveling to extended family over the next month and half.

This will be our last monthly meeting of the year with guest speakers joining us. Our next time together will be for our Christmas Celebration on Saturday December 3, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Wayne Kirby Center located in Burnt Hickory Park. Welcome reception starts at 6:00 PM and Dinner will be served at 7:00 PM. After dinner we will have a Christmas Gift Fact Exchange which proved to be a lot of fun at last year’s celebration. Please mark your calendars now so not to miss on this fellowship with friends and family.

Thank you to all who volunteered to place signs for Election Day in all of our Precinct’s. The effort was a valuable part of the GOTV efforts in our county and proved by our results a success. Campaign Headquarters is now closed and we’ll be accepting all signs at this meeting to store them for when they’ll next be needed in 2018.

Meeting location:

Mount Tabor Park – Community Center

1550 E. Paulding Dr., Dallas, GA 30157

Mt. Tabor Park - Monthly Meeting Location

Mt. Tabor Park – Monthly Meeting Location

What’s Next? How Can You Help? Volunteers Needed 11/5-12/2016

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Volunteers needed to place “Vote Today” and “Vote Republican” signs.

If you’re able to offer 3-4 hours combined over the dates of November 5th – 8th we need volunteers that are able to take ten signs within your voting precinct to help with our “Get Out To Vote” effort within Paulding County.


What needs to be done? There are four simple things that volunteers can help with.

  1. On Saturday November 5th come to the Campaign Headquarters and pick-up ten yard signs for placement in key locations in your voting precinct.
  2. On Monday November 7th anytime after 7:00 PM place the ten yard signs in the identified key locations in your voting precinct.
  3. On Tuesday November 8th shortly after the polls close at 7:00 PM remove the ten yard signs from the previously placed locations in your voting precinct.
  4. On Saturday November 12th return the ten yard signs to the Campaign Headquarters.

This volunteer opportunity is a great chance for those that are interested in doing anything that they can to help elect “TRUMP / PENCE” and our down ticket Republican’s that are equally important to protecting our Conservative principals that drive our Party. You cannot under estimate the importance and critical need for volunteers to help with these efforts.


If you vote at: McClure Middle School, Northside Elementary School, Moses Middle School, Russom Middle School, Mount Tabor Park, Watson Government Complex, Ritch Middle School, Ragsdale Elementary School, Paulding High School, Hiram High School, Taylor Farm Park, Austin Middle School, Nebo Elementary School, or Scoggins Elementary School and would be interested in this opportunity please contact: Derrick Carlson by emailing him at: dlc51761 [at] yahoo [dot] com or by calling him at: (770) 505-1259.



“GOTV” Yard Sign Package for Election Day

“Stand With Trump / Pence” – Saturday October 22, 2016

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This past Saturday we had an excellent turnout for our “Stand With Trump / Pence 2016!” sign waving effort in Hiram. For all of the individuals that came out and more impressively the families that stopped to get a yard sign and then stayed for 30 minutes or more to wave their sign it was an impressive sight. I’m more convinced today that the polls aren’t accurate and that there is an undertow that simply isn’t being discussed by the mainstream media. Keep sharing your stories as to why you’re voting for Trump / Pence now through Election Day on Tuesday November 8th, 2016 and we can achieve Victory in 2016!

Currently we’re out of the Trump / Pence yard signs as we ran out of the remaining yard signs on Saturday afternoon for all of the individuals that stopped by our effort. We do have bumper stickers for those that are interested in placing a message on the window of your vehicle and they can be picked up at our campaign headquarters at 65 Antioch Road, Dallas, GA 30132.

Again Thank You to ALL who participated this past weekend.  

The past two Saturday’s conservative’s have been waving signs for Trump / Pence on the corner of Highway 278 & 92 in Hiram. The response has been positive overall but now is not the time to stop and think that there is nothing left to do.

Early voting started this past Monday and it is clear that there is pent up anxiety and voters are eager to cast their votes. This weekend we will be back at the same intersection (278 & 92) in Hiram and we would like to have as many Republican Party faithful as possible to join our Party and Stand With Trump / Pence 2016 for ALL or PART of our sign waving effort between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM on Saturday October 22, 2016.

Paulding County has always enjoyed very strong Conservative voting in General Elections – however 2016 Conservatives are being admonished for speaking out that we’re Republican’s and while we acknowledge that no candidate is perfect, our Republican candidate duly elected is the better candidate to lead our country and to protect our Constitution well beyond the next one or two generations.

Won’t you join me and help us reach our  goal of 100 Proud Conservative’s willing to Stand With Trump / Pence 2016! I look forward to seeing everyone there this Saturday from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

Thank you,

Craig McDowell – Chairman

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Straw Poll

  • As a likely voter either as an absentee, early or Election Day voter on November 8th, 2016; will you vote for?

    • TRUMP | PENCE (93%, 26 Votes)
    • CLINTON | KAINE (7%, 2 Votes)

    Total Voters: 28

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